Certificate in Yoga for Human Resources Management

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Certificate in Yoga for Human Resources Management

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Certificate in Yoga for Human Resources Management


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Today’s world recognized the importance, values and the benefits of yoga for human resources management. Everyone should be physically fit to be in positive good health – devoid of pain and diseases , peace and poised in mind without negativities and should aware his self conscious Soul and his Divine Nature. It is possible through yogic practices. This Bharathiyar University certificate course offers the elementary and the fundamentals of yogic practices in six months duration .


  • To create a standard of principles and practice of Yoga.
  • To create awareness on Yoga and Spirituality to the people.
  • To create awareness on health and hygiene
  • To Spread Kundalini Yoga throughout the world through Yogic Education
  • To Teach Yoga and Meditation for students to their age and maturity.

Schedule for the Subjects:

  • The philosophy of Yoga and HRM THEORY / PAPER Marks = 100
  • Practice of preliminary Asanas and surya Namaskar PRACTICAL / PAPER-2 Marks = 100
  • Practices of Pranayama, Meditation PRACTICAL / PAPER- 3 Marks = 100

Total 300 Marks

 Registration Begins: May 15th, 2017 Registration Deadline:July 31st, 2017
This course does not have any sections.

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