Diploma in Yoga for Motherhood and Child care

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Diploma in Yoga for Motherhood and Child care

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Diploma in Yoga for Motherhood and Child care


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This Diploma course deals and guides with the matter relates with safe motherhood, really prepares the parents physically and mentally with yogic methods. It prepares the mother from the date of conception, successfully over come the general problems in all the three trimester periods. It guides in good parenting the child physically, emotionally and mentally. The couples feel at home the things are guided properly. This course is conducted in one year duration with certificate from Bharathiyar University

Schedule for the Subjects:

  • The philosophy and science of yoga Theory / Paper-1 Marks=100
  • Application of Yoga and Nutrition for mother hood and Child Care Theory / Paper -2 Marks =100
  • Application of yoga for Mother hood Practical / Paper-3 Marks=100
  • Yoga Techniques for Child care Practical / Paper-4 Marks=100

Total Marks =400

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Registration Begins: May 15th, 2017 Registration Deadline:July 31st, 2017

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