Mahashakthi Yogam Teacher Training

Mahashakthi Yogam Teacher Training

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Yoga is not magic or an act of any kind, physical or mental.  Yoga is based on a sound philosophy and deep psychology. It is an educational process by which the human mind is trained to become more and more natural and prevented  from the unnatural conditions of life.  Yoga has particular concern with psychology.  Yoga is a study of the ‘self’,  and leads one to the supernormal  level of life.

Mahashakthi  Yogam is a basic course which provides  common people  the holistic health  tuning their  physical , mental , intellectual and spiritual health.  Our body is the vehicle by which our spirit travels.  The vehicle should be strong enough to make the journey peace and pleasant.  In the same way, the body which  is a vehicle for the spirit within should be strong enough to  make its life journey pleasantly and peacefully.  It is a well known fact that a sound mind is possible only by a sound body.   When all the three  ( Physical , mental  and intellectual ) health are attained the spiritual journey becomes pleasant and automatic.  Mahasakthi  yogam awards this overall health to mankind.

The ultimate aim of every human being is to attain the limitless  happiness  and liberation of the soul.  This great concept  must be spread  throughout the world  through  Mahashakthi Yogam  to help mankind live happily.  Only people who have experienced the benefits of  this  yoga can propagate this.  The main purpose of  Mahashakthi Yogam Teachers  Training  course  is to  make  such experienced  resource persons  in greater number  to make more number of people as  holistic evolved .

Trainees are well trained to conduct this course effectively.  They are given practical as well as theoretical knowledge to impart  Mahashakthi Yogam.  They  become  highly experienced people  to handle classes  and make the society  happy and peace.

This is a  five  days residential  course conducted at Gnanapeedam, Thirumurthi Hills  in a purely unpolluted spiritually empowered , naturally peaceful and  beautiful environment.


Those who have completed the Mahashakthi  Yogam course are eligible for this Mahashakthi Yogam Teachers Training Course.

This course does not have any sections.

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