Wisdom Teacher Training

Wisdom Teacher Training

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The vision of Universal Peace Foundation (UPF) is  “Universal Peace  through Individual Peace”.

The Foundation is committed to fulfill this vision through various missions.
The Wisdom Teachers Training Course was introduced to reach the unique strategy of the Foundation that  if 1% of the world’s population be elevated into the True Spiritual Order as effective spiritual vibrant people, then the remaining  population will be leading safe and peaceful life.

Wisdom Teachers are the sincere Kundalini practitioners with sufficient philosophical knowledge. Through their constant adherence of the Kundalini Meditation  they become more creative and eligible to channelize the power to initiate common people and turn them as  Kundalini meditators.

The consciousness of the trainees  will expand universally  that  they perceive the entire Universe as one and start to love the whole Universe. Their expression of love will pervade throughout this Universe.  They  acquire the  divine qualities to reveal themselves as,
  • The person of unbounded Love;
  • The person of pure wisdom;
  • The person of divine power;
  • The person of Bliss;
  • The person of Beauty;
  • The person of Peace and
  • The person of Divine.
A Kundalini Yogi will always be in peace and happiness  and make  peace  and happiness in everyone and  everywhere.  He will become a peacemaker and peacekeeper  as he constantly enjoys the  inner peace.
The trainees  will  be in the constant touch of  Guru throughout the training period since the course is conducted  by Gurumahan directly.
The participants must have completed the Minimum Two Intensive Course in Kundalini Meditation.

More effective if completed the Divine Healing Basic & Advance level.

Must be a married person.

This course does not have any sections.

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