Personality Development Camp for Teens / Kids

Personality Development Camp for Teens / Kids

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  • Activities that enrich the liveliness and alertness of the participant (Hill Trek, Swimming, Mind games, Role Plays etc.)
  • Values and Virtues Impartment
  • Character Building
  • Creativity Enhancement (Activities and Stimulation)
  • Memory Techniques
  • Yoga and Pranayama
  • Meditation sessions by Guru Mahan
  • Adolescence Education (For Teens) by Guru Mahan
  • Negative Emotions Alleviation (Anxiety, Fear, Hesitation, Laziness)
  • Enhancing Bond between children and parents
  • Parenting Counselling by Guru Mahan (For Parents on the day of valediction)

Every one of us knows the importance of our children developing as shrewd kids and responsible teens. Most of us also realize that the present education system do not impart any means that favour the development of many faculties like attitude or character, that are very important to face the challenges of life.

To bridge this gap and to address this inherent need of the parents of the kids and teens, Universal Peace Foundation organizes Personality Development camps kids and teens (separate batches) every summer in the Gnanapeedam Campus since nearly two decades.

The blissful blend of activity based learning, training, coaching and mentoring form the essence of the Personality Development Camps. The serene ambience free from distractions of any kind and healthy food are the supporting factors that make the camp unique of its kind.

The kids and teens who attended the camps in the initial years of launch, now stand as the testimony and vouch for the efficacy of the camps.

The Camps requires the participating kids and teens to stay in the Gnanapeedam Campus throughout the camping duration of 5-6 days. Decent, comfortable and safe accommodation is provided for all children.

The camp is an uplifting environment and ideal to create a foundation for your child’s peaceful and healthy development

This course does not have any sections.

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