Intensive Course in Kundalini Meditation

Intensive Course in Kundalini Meditation

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Kundalini Meditation:

What is Kundalini?    Kundalini (The Hidden Energy, described as coiled serpent power)

What is Kundalini Meditation?

Kundalini shakti (energy) is resting dormant  at the Mooladhara  (base of the spine) of all human beings. It is highly potential. This dormant shakthi if awakened will create miracles. It is this shakthi which is the music in a musician’s heart, the art in on artist’s hand , legs.

This shakti is the basis for the out show of all talents and happens without awareness in one’s life.  Focussed on this hidden energy is  Kundalini  meditation. The Spiritual Master also called  Guru  who  is  quite conversant with the awakening process of Kundalini power initiates his disciple (just as a magnet attracts iron and due course changes that also into magnet) by his divine touch and the power is aroused  through the spinal cord   which has vacuum.  Hence the moment this power enters the spinal cord it travels fast through it and reaches  the crown of the head – Sahasrara (where the hypothalamus gland situated) and from there it reaches the forehead eye  (the minute point in between the eyebrows / the pituitary gland ). The forehead eye is closed by a very thin tissue. When the Kundalini power reaches this  place  it opens the eye by penetrating the thin tissue and starts working as the divine vibration.  Concentrating on this divine vibration at the forehead eye (ajna chakra) or the crest eye (Sahasrara chakra) is called Kundalini meditation.  This meditation helps to receive the cosmic energy from the universe and use it for the physical , mental, intellectual and spiritual development of a person.  At this juncture one will clearly understand the relationship between the  cosmos and our body  as  made up of the same basic five elements ether, air, fire ,water and earth. As the aspirant experiences the actual inner peace and happiness, he ceases  the search for peace and happiness outside  and  by constant practice he attains  self-realization.

This meditation has the power either to increase or decrease our life span.  When a normal person dies , it is this power which leaves the body through the nine holes (2 eyes, 2 nostrils , 2 ear holes , anus , urinary and genital passages.)  But for a sincere and constant  Kundalini meditation practitioner this power unifies itself with cosmos  thus enabling him to end the cycle of birth and death  as an enlightened soul.

The Intensive Course in Kundalini Meditation powers the way to practice Kundalini meditation constantly.

 By this the individual is completely liberated from all unintended and previously uncontrolled thought-forms. He is a master over his being, over his mind and he enjoys the bliss, wisdom and power of being absolutely free and peace.
  • helps one to lead a systematic meditative life.
  • guides one to listen to his intuition
  • helps one to plan his daily chores for a spiritual life

The course not only comprises practical training but also throws light on philosophical theories, their comparative studies and so on.


The participants must have completed the three stages of initiation through our Institution or must have completed  the Mahashakthi Yogam course.

 Participants will gain more experience in this Course if they have been undergoing the daily meditation practice after completion of Mahashakthi Yogam.

Duration: 4 days 3 nights residential program, Includes course, accommodation & vegetarian food

This course does not have any sections.

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