Divine Healing Course Level 1

Divine Healing Course Level 1

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Our natural flow of energy always moves towards perfect health and well-being. However, when we have to face the painful difficulties in our life, sometimes we tend to suppress our emotions in order to keep the situation to move on. In such situation the easy flow of energy is then held in our energy field creating blocks to the natural flow, which can deplete our vitality and potentially lead to dis-ease. Emotions are a dynamic force of energy-in-motion, and if long held suppressions are not resolved, the blocked energy may eventually manifest as chronic or acute conditions of ill health.

The goal of Divine Healing is to awaken the body’s innate healing potential to find the solution to remove all the energy blocks to restore the holistic health and to embrace the opportunity for self-healing and self-exploration.

The Divine Healing Course has been designed to identify the person as a whole — body, mind and spirit – and beyond. This program places an emphasis on self-mastery, spiritual development, and purpose of life as to become a Best Healer through the healing process.

This is the process of taping the Universal energy, the cosmic power for healing purposes, empowering the mind and thought for more positivity. Divine Healing is a conscious prayer for the complete betterment transforming oneself as the particle of the Universal Energy. Divine healing is not limited to a technique or procedure. It is an effective effort to get the grace of the Divine to come into balance and to become whole.

It works on the principle that we as human beings are energy fields. This field radiates around people and could also reflect any imbalance in the field. This is not a replacement for medical treatment but rather an additional way that healing is brought within our reach. As we’ve been placed in a world that systematically interferes with this natural capacity, our conscious involvement in our health is required if we are to truly prosper. It helps in balancing the body’s own energy field.

It brings the balance and harmony in the body, mind and spirit. We become aware that there is only one whole, endless Universal Energy that has created the Universe, the Earth and the Life, that fills and rules it as a whole. It vibrates throughout the Whole Universe.

This Universal Energy is called as prana in India, chi in China, ki – in Japan, the same is understood with different names in different countries.

It is used as preventive and curative for the diseases and disorders. It removes the toxins, morbid toxic matters and cleanses, purifies, the cells, organs, systems and the entire body. It gives the courage and confidence to face all the situations, the crisis, peoples and all the challenges in life. The dormant skills and talents are expressed out for growth and success in life.

Training is given in two levels. (i.e) Basic and advance level. Method of cleansing auro all over the body has been taught in the basic level and chakra cleansing which helps to cleanse our internal organs in advance level.

The personality and self-esteem is enhanced. We plan and pray for the success in life, improvement in business and financial status.

We understand our holiness, wholeness and the Divine nature. The welfare of the individual self, family, society, nation and the world are taken care of. We understand the Divine guidance and protection and the blessings in our life.

We are able to share Love without any expectation, Love for the Love itself. The life is blessed with Happiness. Peace, Love, Prosperity, Abundance, Protection, Healing Power, Love and Light of the Almighty.

  • We travel in the path of light to holiness and wholeness.
  • We enjoy the total health in the body, mind and spirit.
  • We feel the Divine Peace and Bliss.
  • It is the ultimate experience of the blissful meditation and prayer. We enjoy and aware of the Divine presence and blessing throughout our life.

It is not a part in our life it is all in our life. Surrender to the Light, Life and the Divine, the Almighty, as the child is taken care of by the mother, loved, embraced, protected.

The Course is taught by experts with extensive knowledge and experience in their fields in a wide range of professional environments so that the participants are confident of the comprehensive training and professional experience.

This Divine healing course is conducted in Gnanapeedam on the last Friday, Saturday & Sunday of every month. Let all come and embrace the Divinity within. The same course is also conducted in all other places where the organizer arranges for the course.


Transformational approach to promoting health and preventing disease explores the human body’s energy field and facilitates a path to wellness for the body, mind and spirit.

The emphasis on seeking a higher level of self-mastery, spiritual development. Advanced multidimensional healing techniques to enhance health and healing. Over 15 years of experienced holistic health practitioners to carry the course to make successfully experience the expertise. Perfect integration of all the ancient teachings of chakras, nadis, energy flows and the inner journey. Intermingle with practices to balance, align and harmonize the multidimensional human energy field by awareness of the foundational energy flows and the micro-nadi system.

This course does not have any sections.

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